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The GvG system and concept put forth in Albion

I can say that I love the GvG system and concept put forth in Albion. It gives a guaranteed match-up against a similar number of players fighting for a meaningful objective. However, there are some issues that currently 'lock out' very small guilds or groups of friends that wish to participate in these GvG conflicts. My whole idea is to give new players and small groups of friends an exciting and fun early game experience of GvG combat that creates loyalty to the game and enhances the retention of small groups of new players in Albion Online.

The concept:


1. Create a smaller scale GvG engagement for groups of 3-4 players.

2. Instead of fighting over a full 12 plot territory, this would only involve 3-4 plots inside a smaller base or advanced outpost.

3. These small bases would be located in various yellow zones, or even green zones to target new players.

4. The shape of the small camp would not be limited to a square pattern, rather could be irregular in shape adding to the unique aspect of each camp. In addition the walls and defenses could be built by the players instead of being a permanent feature of the base.

5. Fighting for the small camp would not necessarily take place within the confines of the camp due to space, but at the start of a GvG the battle area would extend out in a radius from the camp's walls.

6. There is a hard cap on the tier of items you can bring to these small scale GvG encounters.

7. If your alliance/guild owns a building territory in a red/black zone, then there will be penalties imposed upon all of your participating members during the GvG in addition to fighting against a defender bonus.

8. Changing guilds would create a 1 week lockout period from all GvG combat in red/black zone territories.


1. So to start with, let me discuss about how a new small plot territory would assist new players and create more enjoyable early game experiences. First off, one issue facing small guilds who are looking to take their first territory is the availability of players to participate in those GvG fights on a daily basis. By reducing the number of active players to a maximum of 4, the stress load on new guilds greatly decreases. I also feel that a group of players should be able to choose whether they want to fight with 3 or 4 people. When they conquer this territory they should be able to set the number of players who can participate in the GvG to either 3 players or 4. Or perhaps they can choose the number of participants involved in any GvG fights as long as they set the option 48 hours before it takes effect on forthcoming GvG fights.


2. Small groups of players would be unable to maintain and establish a full 12 plots on a building territory. By reducing the amount of plots to 3-4, small groups could then pick and choose exactly what stations they wish to build and maintain. For instance, maybe 5 friends which just joined just want a repair station, and some stations to refine the goods they gather in the area.


3. It has been stated that in the future all territories with buildings will be in red/black zones. I like the idea of this change and I feel that it frees up space on the map located in yellow zones for these small camps to be located. I think these small camps could even be placed in green zone's but as a player you spend so little time in green zones starting that I feel it may not truly serve a purpose.


4. To me the large square pattern of the current territories is unnecessary for these small camps. These camps could be designed around the current map system without having to remove existing terrain. In fact there could be 'designated sites' where small groups of players could slowly build up this camp. In other words they would harvest lumber to erect the wall around this camp or perhaps a 'watchtower' in a building spot which could grant increased attack range or vision range for those in them. Just an idea to make the small base more dynamic and bring a more personal feeling to the camp.


5. Due to the lack of space in such a small camp of 3-4 buildings, at the start of a GvG the battle area would be extended around the camp to allow for much more space to fight in. Any players not involved in the GvG who are within that space would be teleported out in similar fashion to the current mechanics. Objectives could be based randomly around the small camp with perhaps a special point within the camp that would award slightly more points per minute than those outside of the camp. Giving the defenders a reason to use their fortified position.


6. Currently there is a 'soft cap' on the items you bring to a GvG fight in a yellow zone. At first this seems fine for yellow zone fights, but if a small group of players with 5.3 gear are fighting against a group of veteran players with 8.3 gear, the difference becomes substantial. Players new to GvG combat who have just started the game should not have to worry about facing players who have a gear advantage when getting their feet wet. I feel a hard cap on armor/weapons would help solve this problem. There is a reason large guilds bring 8.3 gear to yellow zone fights and if you have ever tried to fight a group of 5 players in 8.3 with a group of 5 players with 5.3 in a yellow zone then you will understand where I am coming from. The difference is very noticeable.


7. With the current iteration of the GvG system and the trend for guilds to form massive alliances what is happening is this. Guilds are moving out of the red zone territories and invading the yellow zone GvG territories. Why? Simply put, there is no one fighting them in the red zone as many are allied up with their neighbors. This lack of GvG combat encourages these red/black zone guilds to invade yellow zone territories out of boredom. Many of these red zone territories are so far away from warcamps that it may take 3+ days of winning back to back fights just to reach them, in other words the 24 hour lock out period is not an issue if your red zone guild wants to invade a yellow zone. My solution would be simple. If you are in an alliance with a building territory in a red/black zone, then you will have heavy penalties imposed upon your team in the GvG fight. This would discourage these large veteran alliances from invading the territory of very new players and leaving a sour taste in the mouth of those just learning. There has to be some way for these small groups of players to feel competitive early without having to worry about the limitless funding of large guilds.


8. Changing guilds would create a 1 week lockout period from all GvG combat in red/black zone territories. This is simply to prevent the guild hopping these large alliances do in order to lock down more territories than should be possible. This also means that top PvP players would be discouraged to temporarily create a small guild to take over these small camp plots because it would mean they are unable to help their 'real' guilds fight.


I took a lot of time to write this simply because I feel that it would vastly improve the game experience for those players just starting. I know the GvG mechanics are currently still going under a lot of change and I think if Albion can hit the head on the nail with GvG mechanics, then this game will be a sure success long into the future. Hopefully if you have read this far you have enjoyed my post and perhaps it has given you different perspective on what GvG combat can be in Albion. And a big thanks if you did read this far! 

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