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The Albion skills and time spent gathering are replaced with a Transmuter

Why do people believe that by pricing something out of their price range means that people will not do it.

I have played in some Facebook games that people spend £1000's per month to keep their character or guild challenging for the lead.

It will happen if the system lets it happen.

I guarantee, with the system as it is, that the first set of 8.4 armour in this game will be made using the transmuter.

The Albion skills and time spent gathering are replaced with a Transmuter

What does that tell the gatherers in this game?


What is the point in being a top end gatherer when the best you can do is something that a building in every city in the game can do?


If you train as a GvG team and become the best in the game it means something. You cant simply be replaced.

If one day you are all away and your territory is attacked you guild has to field a weaker team.

Your time training and fameing means something. You have a goal to achieve.


But the best gatherer in the game can be replaced with plastic.


Why not add another building in all territories that guilds can pay money so they don't lose any GvG attacks on it that day? Say 5 million.

That way the GvG teams can also be replaces with money and see what its like for the gatherers.


If you want a albion online silver sink then replace the transmuter with a GvG arena, that you have to pay 10k, 20k, 50k albion silver. You as players could set the amount but with a set minimum. And the arena takes a 20% cut of the stake. You could have ones that gear does not break and ones where it breaks. and have leader boards for each type. 1v1, 2v2, 5v5 etc.


None of this makes me as a gatherer feel needed or required in a guild. The skills and time spent gathering are replaced with a Transmuter.

I have stated that with the present format that this game has that the first set of 8.4 armour will be made using the Transmuter. How is this going to inspire the gatherers in the game?.


I have heard that you intend to make re rolling items very dependent on your skill at making the item in the first place. This is a massive step in the right direction for the crafters.

If you are so set on having a transmuter in game as a ao silver sink then also make it gatherer skill based. Make the Mastery levels in gathering mean something. So only someone who has mastered gathering cloth to 8.10 can transmute 8.4 mats.


Here are some suggestions to make the gatherer and his mastery skills actually have some relevance in game.


Only a gatherer can use the transmuter. Depending on your mastery level at each tier depends on what enchantment level you can transmute.


Have two types of transmuting. One is the albion online silver way which is in game now. The other is that a gatherer can reduce the albion silver cost to transmute but increase the mats cost. So for example you can transmute 10 base T8 to 8.2..... 10 x 8.2 to 8.3 and 10 x 8.3 to 8.4. obviously the number 10 can be different.


Only at certain levels of mastery do you see the glowing from the nodes.

So if you can gather T5 cloth and have no mastery then you will not see any of the nodes glowing. When you get to mastery level 3 you will see the green ones. when you get to mastery 6 then you will see the blue ones and when you get to mastery 10 you can see the purple ones.


Another possible one is you remove the glowies altogether and it is simply your mastery skill that gives you a chance of it being base or .2 or .3 or .4. The higher your mastery level the higher the chance of you gaining rare mats from a node.


Both of these will remove cherry picking to level up you skill.


I am at work as I need to work late in order to play at the start of beta.


Lets do some math and see what happens.

Over the next few days I will see if I can fill in some more details but I am going to see how long it will take to gather the mats to make a set of 8.4 cloth armour.


Things that we know

we will need 32 x 8.4 Cloth

The .4 cloth has a spawn chance of 1000 to one.

So therefore you will need to gather 32,000 T8 cloth to get enough 8.4 to make the set.


1. How many zones have T8 cloth?

2. How many cloth nodes are there in each of these zones? (this will be easy to work out after the launch of beta as they will be full spawn)

3. What is the spawn rate of T8 mats?. ( I hear it is in days )

4. How much cloth will you get from each node?.

5. How many T8 cloth zones are you likely to be able to gather in? ( very dependent on how big your guild is)

6. How much of the yield from a zone are you able to gather as a player and as a guild?


So lets just put some figures in here to get things started and adjust as we go on.

1. Not sure but this figure is more for seeing how much T8 cloth is in the world.

2. For easy calculating lets say 100

3. Lets say 2 days

4. Lets say 2. one from the node and then 50% from premium and 50% from mastery.

5. Lets say 4.

6. Lets say you gather for 6 hours per day, so you will get a quarter of the yield from a zone.


So 100 nodes with 2 cloth in each = 200

Two day spawn so that is 100 per day.

You control 4 zones so there is 400 cloth available each day.

You are gathering for a quarter of that so you get 100 cloth per day.


So with these figures it will take you 320 days to get enough 8.4 cloth to make your set of armour from gathering it and not using the transmuter for any of it.


There are many other factors to take into consideration, but I just wanted to make a start to have a rough guide as to how long it will take.


Please let me know if you have any more accurate figures and I will adjust my calculation accordingly.

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