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Some suggestions for Albion

1.Would be cool if we could click on the Mini-map to Auto Travel using Auto Pathing.

AlbionMall Opinion: Autopathing is against spirit of Albion, and idea of open world pvp and its just for lazy people.

2.Would be cool if we could move the camera and zoom out further.

AlbionMall Opinion: Moving camera is against Albions mechanics and zooming out just changes pvp encounters.


3.Would be cool if we could control whether or not we can click through players so that people can't block NPC's.

AlbionMall Opinion: I agree. Its annoying.


4.Would be cool if we could drag windows around and customize our UI.

AlbionMall Opinion: Maybe, little bit more customization wont heard anybody.


5.Would be cool if we could switch weapons and armor in combat.

AlbionMall Opinion: No way. Cancels the idea, that you can see other players gear. Changing gear in combat destroys the whole current PvP combat system.


6.Would be cool if we could see what's in other banks across the globe but can't take it out unless at the banks location.(Same with AH) That way we don't have to go bank to bank looking for something.

AlbionMall Opinion: This is maybe ok with banks, but seeing AH's effects on local economies.


7.It would be cool if our character automatically targets and attacks against players who attack them.

AlbionMall Opinion: Think about what this meens in PvP fights were are more than 2 players involved. Your target could automatically change every second. 


8.It would be cool if we could see which Destiny Paths can be upgraded by a yellow glowing animation.

AlbionMall Opinion: I agree. This could be helpful.

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