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Open world PVP and it's ramifications much earlier in their albion experience

With that said I believe that the only zones that should be truly 100 percent pvp "safe" are the zones immediately surrounding the landings, and perhaps (due to high population on releases) the zones immediately touching those zones.


you gasp "WHY would you suggest something like that! that is the worst idea i've ever heard, clearly you are just a pvp trollord who wants to camp noobs and harvest tears!!!!"


When i first started playing albion there was real risk, even in the zones immediately surrounding the landing, mobs were lethal. What did i do? I threw on my legendary explorers gear and horse and went out there and got dropped on my goddamn forehead by some t2 bandits and was furious, you better believe I didn't make the same mistakes again. So what did i gain? Knowledge, but what did i lose? Almost nothing... just some basically worthless t3 stuff. (Im not saying PoE mobs in those zones should be lethal again in-fact I believe the change to them being non lethal was a great one I'm just illustrating a point)


New players need to learn about open world pvp in albion and how to deal with it at a much earlier time in their game experince. When gear is quite low and easy to replace... the loss of time/effort on a death is minimal, but the knowledge gained is major. The longer the learning is put off, the harder the learning experience becomes.


The current green/yellow/red/black step system is not nearly gradual enough to help ease players into what lies ahead. It needs to be reworked with a tier system, here's how:

1.Each zone already has a basic tier system built into it, you can easily click the map and see what tier of resources are available there, this should be directly linked to PVP.

2.Essentially all zones (not including the starting zones or what is currently blackzones) would be similar to what red-zones are currently.

3.HOWEVER a players ability to 'flag up' for pvp and attack other players would be LIMITED based on the item power of their current gear and predetermined values at each tier of zone. For instance: t4 zone, once you surpass X item power on your equipped gear, you can no longer flag up and attack someone there, however you can still be attacked by lower geared players who have chosen to flag for pvp.

4.Gear would no longer be 'scaled down' based on the zone you are fighting in.


What this does:


1.Allows players to start learning how to deal with a pvp situation at a time when losses will be minimal.

2.Mentally prepares players to deal with a death, and causes them to start thinking of ways to materially deal with those deaths at a time when losses are easily sustainable, while moving forward.

3.Allows players to progress up to higher levels of risk/reward at their own pace without allowing them to AVOID the risk of open world pvp entirely up until a time where losses are devastating.

4.Allows players minding their own business and staying 'blue' to potentially out-gear attackers in most situations (if they place themselves in zones that they personally can't flag in they will always be higher tier), thus giving them a better chance to fend off or escape from attackers. Again the key here is giving them the better chance, not allowing them to avoid the threat of pvp entirely.

5.Helps keep players from developing bad habits that do not transition into the blackzones, such as the ones i mentioned earlier: (afking in zones, over-weighting yourself, always wearing your best gear, blowing abilities etc. etc etc.)

6.This method is vastly superior to the current way that gear is 'scaled down' when going into lower tier zones. In this way Players are not "punished" for having put the effort in to obtain higher tier gear because they are able to defend themselves with it, (not to mention still have use of their increased carrying compacity) but at the same time they also cannot use their high tier gear to crush newer players all day for teh lulz. If you are truly better than the person you are attacking you should have no problem defeating them in equal or lower tier gear... but will it be worth your time? That's up to you.

7.Encourages PVPers to think more about what zones they actually want to bother attacking people in and eventually move into the blackzones. For instance if you can only equip t4ish gear in a zone, is it really worth going there and raising your criminal status when the chance of obtaining something valuable from a corpse is minimal? (maybe it is for some players, or maybe they want to just drive someone out of a dungeon they want to do, whereas a more experienced PVPer would prefer going to a higher tier zone where he can wear better gear and potentially kill higher value targets)

8.Allows lower tier resources and gear to maintain value for a much longer time.

9.This also allows players who want to become pvpers feel like they can start pvping right away, (they will also be learning valuable skills which transition to later in the game) and not feel like they have to wait until they are at a certain teir before they are capable of competing with anyone. Simply go pvp in the zones that are the lowest tier that still allows you to flag!


Potential problems:


1.What if some idiots try to leave boots and helms and capes naked so they can wield a higher teir weapon and 1 shot people?>>> To flag up you would have to have all gear slots equipped.

2.Open world pvp it's already to hard to kill anyone they are hard to find and it's too easy for them to get away!!!! >>> That is an entirely different problem with certain abilities such as flee and the new gallop mode and the excessive size of the current map relative to population.

3.(i had a whole mental list of these ealier but i can't think of the rest at the moment it's been a long weekend and i need some sleep, ill have more later)

Part II. The blackzone and the ZERG!

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