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In the albion current beta Learning Points was made too strong

The re-roller has actually been fixed in this beta with the adjusted albion silver costs that pretty much stops most of the re-rolling though I also blame it on the fact that anything that is under epic is very underwhelming when it comes to quality. For example capes which add CC resist which increases a tad bit due to quality level. Well if you are in gear already that gives decent CC then due to diminishing returns on the CC resist, most of the times you will not gain any effect from the cape unless it is legendary which means if you spend more money on a cap because it is masterpiece or even epic then you have wasted your money.


As to Learning Points there is a drastic nerf that is going to be comming to it that will hopefully make the economy better. Now while I agree that Learning Points in its current form is highly damaging to the economy its not to say that without Learning Points at all that players can't still break the system. In AO since there are no skill caps or path limits you could potentially unlock a bunch of combat, then unlocking gathering for your gear and also in time unlock the crafts and become completely self sufficent. It will take longer yes but it is possible. Most people do not want to pay the rediculous jacked up prices that crafters and gatherers sometimes charge for their goods which only pushes people to want to be self-substaining.


I do not forsee a way to stop players from going down this path of leveling up multiple trees rather then specializing. Even before there was Learning Points guilds that were more competitive would game the system by having secretly shared alt characters who all the guild members funnedled resources to so they could unlock all the needed crafts and detach themselves from the player market.


I do want to see the Learning Points changes though and added depth to crafting, farming, gathering and refining so they can feel like real paths. As an example and I am sure many people will rage at this thought but imagine if when you crafted an item there was a short mini game you placed that would both use up a bit of your time but also give the experience a minor tedious feel to it. You could think of it like how on farms you have to manually gather each block rather then being able to pick up the whole field. By adding this bit of extra work to the task it gives it more of a serious work to it. People will likely avoid being a crafter because of the chores opposed to right now where you just place the resources in your inventory and push a button and out pops a fully made item within seconds.

In the albion current beta Learning Points was made too strong

Yes we could assume that without Learning Points and just pure grinding that players might choose not to share accounts but this still does not actually stop guilds from wanting to be self substaining.


Guild's go for territories or setup guild islands with buildings so they can cut themselves off from the player economy. From my observations as guilds recruit more members the goal is to have members specialize in needed paths so the guild can rely on its members and function more communistically. Without shared accounts players can still pool resources to individuals to power level their crafting. They will have to adapt some like what I would do is have a crafter make a bunch of sets of the items they make, and drop them in an officer chest so if they are offline at the time someone needs something an officer can just take the resources and pass on the item. Good logistics will win out there so it is a bit unfair to think that the economy can be fixed by just removing the LP.


In the current beta LP was made too strong, this is not hypothetical, it is a fact and Robin, Korn, and I am sure some of the other devs have acknowledged this and are working to fix that issue. The economy though is structured better in my opinion with the reduced repair costs which were strangling players before and easier combat unlocks so players can hit the auction houses's sooner for gear. When LP is properly adjusted then crafters will feel much better. I personally believe that crafting shouldn't be unlockable purely by Learning Points rather it should require a player to grind 50% of the fame first before using Learning Points.

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