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I Wonder what type of Albion Online you are trying to make here

I started out in Beta all wide eyed and thinking this game had great potential to be really interesting and keep me engaged.


The reality is that certain aspects of balance, plus the gaming community here, have me thinking about going elsewhere.


This should be a concern for devs because I know I'm not alone here - the old guild I was in pretty much folded up and a great majority of players went offline to other games


(hell even one of the GM's I know went to play UO).


Here is a list of main issues as I see them, do whatever you like with it, I think my time on this game is coming to an end because I don't see these issues being resolved and the game seems to be going on another direction.

Gear balance - there is none.Honestly the difference between T5 and T7 is so ridiculous that people are just farming the newer players because they can.The fame is good, and the rewards are good considering there is low level risk involved.

Lack of content - the reason people are farming other players rather than being elsewhere comes down to a few things.Lack of content that challenges them and takes them away from camping city gates for easy targets.Lack of higher-level resource available in secure zones, and the state of the economy.People see it as profitable to farm lower level players.There needs to be some safeguards to minimise the rewards for ganking those that are so far below your tier.


How do you fix this?Factor in a fame reduction based on winners tier vs losers tier.As their gear is so much stronger, either break more of the losers gear, or reduce how much of it drops rather than full gear loss it should be factored to even the playing field and to keep the lower players interested and going in game.Die 3 or 4 times in a day and it suddenly becomes unviable in an economic sense to be able to keep playing.What happens is people just go back to wearing trashier gear because the loss is less painful and then the gear gap widens even further.


Put in some more content that draws people away from yellow zones and into other areas away from where the newer players will be.Of course some douchelords will always just kill for the sake of griefing, but if you make it less worth their time they are likely to go do something else.

Move some of the mid tier materials into green zones.Gatherers and crafters drive this game, they supply the materials and gear for these people that like to pvp – believe it or not not everyone likes or wants to pvp all the time, some players enjoy other aspects of the game.The environment requires gatherers and crafters, it is an interesting part of the game but there is little reward to doing so.You need to give these people that drive the other content a little more protection.


People need to be able to reach a reasonable tier without being exposed to players that way outgear them or the gear gap needs to be reduced and evened out.This could be achieved by flattening out the gear disparity in pvp.There is no skill required in the style of pvp that exists on Albion, when the gear makes so much difference.

Here are the two main tactics to win in pvp – outgear your opponent, and outnumber your opponent.If you have both of those bases covered, you can be the worst PvP player ever and never lose.There is a zerg mentality, and it is supported, and encouraged by the way the game mechanic currently works.This would easily be reduced, by simply flattening out the difference for PvP in the tiers.It is less important in PvE but when I hear of two players being able to get 75K fame per hour in PvE fame farming (and someone I know does this)…it does beg the question about the balance of the gear as it currently stands.


Put a spam stopper in chat.It’s easy, if someone types too frequently it blocks them from putting it on channel again for a few seconds.It breaks spam bots and it will flag them for your GM’s to inspect what it is they are spamming and take action on that account.Honestly the Albion Online Gold bots the other day…far out I almost went blind.It seems like a fairly simple thing to put in a code that searches for mmotank or whatever it is and flags an account and if it spams this word they get an account suspension pending review, automatic…unless you have something to gain from the Albion Online Gold spammers being there?

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The OP's questions hit the crux of the problem with Albion Online

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Abion Online is a sandbox open world pvp

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