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I hope Albion Online will establish a really great success and a new game genre

Hello Albion Online Team,


First kudos to your already really good gelunges game. Although the beta will still run for a while, is the bulk of your game now just fine and when I hear what is to come or anything that may actually only get better. The classless skill system I really like and also collect the combination of,Crafts, building, PvP and PvE I find a great idea and well done. Now that I have a few hours in the game spent have, but there are, unfortunately, a few things that I did not like or could be optimized.

Now to the game.


1. Some incomprehensible or strange texts.

Example: I? see? you? What should this question mark?

They come in various reports before the chat window. In addition, some of the elements in the skill descriptions are and do not understand me the impression of a bad translation. But since this game from a German Game company comes, I close this option a try.

Example: Poisoned Arrow: Your arrow poisons the enemy by inflicting 57 damage immediately, and for 6 per second 23 Inflicts damage. Such vague descriptions me begenet several times.


2. Speaking in the descriptions. Often I would have liked more detailed information about the skills, especially about how long a skill stops. In the previous example probably only one "s" missing after the 6 so would it then that sense. But give this info is missing in other skills such as Speerwald. There is indeed "channeled" but unfortunately it is not it can be seen how long channeled. In both cases, would further info line with an indication of the duration of the skill



3. However, the third and most important point for me is the armor. I think in one of your videos you had about spoken, that you have changed the system of armor because it with terms such as "light plate armor" to confusions came. However, these descriptions exist still in the "Quest display" as well as in the Information that appears when you have unlocked an armor. What's me but even more irretiert that all Adepten-, journeyman, master craftsman, etc. Armoury from the values ​​ago are identical. Excluded from the Armor Factor and the attack value. By this I mean, for example, the Adeptenrüstungen Scholar / mercenary / soldier or cleric / fighter / Ritter. Why are e.g. a Mage Armor no longer energy compared a protector armor or protector armor more hit points as a Mage Armor?


In addition, it would be nice if head and Fußrüstungen would not only differ in what skill they have, but would also differ in values, or indeed an important value such as the arms factor had! Clearly it is in a classless skill system difficult, especially in such matters a good balance to find, since each can combine all objects to but I really think that all the pieces of armor, at least must have an armor value and should be distinguished not only by the magic.


4. Last but not least I had one wish for the castle battles and proposal.

Please, please let us to produce and use siege weapons and castle defenses. That would be a really big highlight for me. For example, the ballista (I suspect from Morgana) which can be seen in some cities, simply looks great and has immediately reminds me of good old Dark Age of Camelot times


Despite all this criticism, a really great game that you have created there. Please keep it up !!


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Best regards.


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