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I got the conclusion after the Albion Online test and feedback

Your concerns are legitimate.


While my personal experiences with a random guild were really great, i can totally see the struggle of solo players. But after a long time testing and giving feedback about the game i have come to the conclusion, that the dev team consist of people, who are not willing to change the course of their product (anymore). There had been ups and downs, new content got created, but at the end of the day, the basic concept always stays the same.

And that concept heavily emphasizes the zerg power house, 5v5 pvp and gvg.


- Weapon balancing team has done a terrible job for months, while i am now not aware of their current perfomance


- Sandbox elements got scrapped and removed for the sake of more pvp

- Guild management tools were missing for months and months, although being extremely important


- Destiny Board has been changed so often, its a joke. There was one point in time in februrary, where the majority of people voted for another system in place for gear unlocking. SI was content at the time of introducing their unlock system, apparently until august, when they finally changed it again. 


- This circle of "we introduce a new mechanic, which we think is going to work" and a wave of negative, legitimate feedback arousing from it, shows a lack of understanding, what is good and what is not (apart from testing purposes).

- LP are the bane of Bercilak.


- Alts got introduced because players demanded it (i was not part of the community at that time), and now SI wont remove them anymore, although heavily destroying dept of the rpg and sandbox aspects


- and so on


While the game won't be a fiancial disgrace, it took too many turns away from a genre, that drew in many players. Whats left now is a monstrosity with too much hype and too little skill. Although i am sure big guilds will put in big $$ for the first months to come. Oh wait, that might explain things.

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