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Guild Spotlight: Mostly Harmless

Our newest article in the guild spotlight series is about Mostly Harmless. Learn more about their roots, structures and goals.


When we first approached Rook, the guild leader of Mostly Harmless, to discuss the origins of his organization and their goals in Albion, little did we know that Mostly Harmless enveloped such rich history – dating back to the creation of the guild in September, 2013. Embarking on a journey across a wide array of game worlds while remaining a seamless unit, Mostly Harmless applies a ‘family’ approach to managing their organization.

To the common-folk, it may appear as if Mostly Harmless had always been on a stable journey towards success. However, the tales of their origin tell a very different story. “Mostly Harmless was created in September 2013. We’re not the Mostly Harmless from EVE, though a few of us played with them.  We actually experienced a bit of a mutiny after a group of us decided to split off from Havoc. Although Havoc was focused on playing EVE, we wanted to pursue playing Elder Scrolls Online and the leadership of Havoc was dead set against it.  That by itself isn't a big deal but we had just recruited a lot of good people who were looking to play ESO. In the end, we proceeded to break ties with Havoc and start crafting our own organization,” said Rook.


From that time they began developing their infrastructure up until today. Mostly Harmless employs a more down-to-earth approach towards Albion, and gaming in general. “It's our hobby time. We're hardcore, but we're adults.  We want to be successful and competitive in games but we also don't want to get divorced over a game. We decided to take a different path, one involving the option to play multiple games, one where we would push as far as members were willing to push, but not get caught up turning our gaming into a job,” Rook explained.


Although the guild is more lenient in their style of gaming, Mostly Harmless is anything but harmless. With explicit details of large and small scale raiding in other games, and discernible military prowess, Rook made it very clear that Mostly Harmless is a force to be reckoned with. Many guilds may be lacking the tools necessary to promote longevity within their organization, but Mostly Harmless has already stood the test of time.


Rook credits their success to the valiant brains behind the operation as well as a stern recruitment process.


“We're very fortunate - because we recruit quality members over quantity. Whether it's Embold helping to create new builds, Xenpha helping with diplomacy and kicking ass in PvP, Sunarie running the crafting behind the scenes, Eirich's sage advice and humble support, SxSilver almost single handedly mining the main stone we needed to get our guild island to tier 4 on Day 2, Patchnotes and Elearic always adding humor and common sense to every event, Sunset's PvP skills, Frankie's drive to test every piece of equipment - and that list doesn't even include our officers!  But everybody includes others in their adventures to try and help build camaraderie and fellowship amongst PvPers, Gatherers, and Crafters alike. We know it takes a team to succeed in a simple but deep game like Albion.”


With such an extensive list of leaders within the guild, it probably isn’t a stretch to state that every member in Mostly Harmless is a leader in their own right.

Rivalry was naturally bred from competitors that recognize the potential that Mostly Harmless conveys in not only Albion, but many other games as well. Having such dense history in their experiences with and against other guilds over the past three years, the organization has developed bonds, as well as rivalries, with guilds across a multitude of games. “Entropy Rising is one of our most notable rivals during our time in ESO. We almost met a lot of great guilds in other games such as ArcheAge. In fact, we’re currently allying with Brethren, an honorable guild that we’ve had some great fights alongside,” said Rook.


Naturally, Closed Beta has provided Mostly Harmless with a very familiar experience of competition and rivalry that is continually in pursuit. “Over the course of Closed Beta, we’ve gotten a number of fun fights with Brazzukas, Bonde, Welfare State and Valhalla, but I’d have to say that the INC and DFO alliances have taught us a few lessons. We are looking forward to showing them how we’ve learned and adapted quite a bit in our next fights.”


Although the organization may not come out on top in all of their fights, their adaptation process is entirely disciplined. “We organize events each week, as well as particular training events at least once per month. We also record just about every adventure, often times from multiple perspectives. This opens the door for us to offer praise, as well as a bit of constructive coaching. We get better every time we go out. You can hear it in our TeamSpeak even when we lose – we don’t blame each other, we work toward becoming a better team,” explained Rook. Taking an analytical approach towards guild progress has kept Mostly Harmless well-versed, with preparation to counteract any of their rivals.

Throughout Closed Beta, Rook and Mostly Harmless have been fortunate to sustain a powerful alliance with organizations that complement their approach to gaming. Surprisingly enough, new plans are in the making for Mostly Harmless; a major overhaul, if you will, with the termination of their current alliance and a re-establishment of a new alliance at a later time. “We're still in Yum alliance for a little while longer.  Blazing from Goons (Girl Scout Cookies) is a great leader and they have a core leadership that we really enjoy playing with.  However, we are moving toward an amicable split.  We want to find guilds that strengthen our non-peak times and we don't really want to be in large zergs. I'm sure Goons will be successful, these guys know what they are doing,” Rook explained.


Although the organization may be undergoing a split from the Goons, they remain vigilant in pressing forward towards new alliance opportunities. “We want to ally with smaller quality guilds in our timezone that have a similar culture and find a strong alliance that operates in other timezones. That should allow us to support each other fairly well, protecting people during their non-peak times and perhaps staggering resource territories so that guilds will have to attack at awkward times in order to be able to push through whatever alliance we join.”


Looking towards the future, Mostly Harmless’ primary goal is clear, and evidently achievable as well, with the number of other well-structured organizations throughout the world of Albion. “We’re looking at establishing the best allies going forward, and also looking forward to future improvements to the game”.


In classic ‘MH’ fashion, Rook made sure to end our conversation with the slogan that Mostly Harmless has abided by from day one. “This is Rook with Mostly Harmless, and we’ll see You, out on the Battlefield.”

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