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Fast Travel for the New World opinions

Firstly I think there should be 2+ player mounts and carriages. Allow people to make a business of taking players across the world (contract system needed for this)


Contract System

Fast Travel for the New World opinions

With the contract system basically you say:


"AlbionMall" agrees to take "BobTheBuilder" to "Queensmarket" city. Upon arrival at "Queensmarket" city "BobTheBuilder" pays "Moveit124" "5000" albion silver.


So the form would just be fill in the blank and more than likely a tab selection for the city.


There could be multiple contracts that go along in this format:


"AlbionMall" agrees to kill "BobTheBuilder" for "5000" ao silver. Upon killing "BobTheBuilder" "DoraTheExplorer" pays "Moveit124" "5000" albion online silver.


And many others obviously.


Portal System


The portals would add an entirely new set of crafting to the game. A new trade for players to pick up.


These portals like said above could be like Hell Gates. The portal must be placed outside of town. At the same time a portal shows up at the location that players are traveling.

The players enter the portal and they have to kill monsters and finally a boss at the end which spawns a portal for them to escape bringing them to the location they want to go. This would cut travel majorly.


I think that these would have to be scaling though. Basically the tier of the portal will only allow you travel so far.


T2 Portal allows you to travel 3-4 zones.

T4 Portal allows you to travel 6-8 zones.

T6 Portal allows you to travel 12-16 zones away.

T8 Portal allows you to travel anywhere.


Also I think the monsters on the inside of these portals should be scaling as well. A T8 Portal should NOT have T2 mobs in it, it should be much more difficult. This would prevent lower players from buying a scroll and freely traveling everywhere.

As well as prevent players from just quickly slaughtering the mobs and traveling extremely fast.


Another thing is I think that these would have to be one of two things:


Really expensive to create -or- The fame is limited to like 1/2 of normal fame from mobs of the same tier


This will prevent players from abusing it for fame and only using it for travel.


Another thing a user brought up was the fact that people could use this for transporting goods, and since this is something the developers have shown they really dont want I suggest that the portal checks your weight upon entering and if you are over a certain percentage you are not allowed to enter.


Boat System


The boat system would basically be available and any NON Land Locked city. You pay the harbormaster a fee for travel, you get teleported to a boat and you have to sit on said boat for a certain amount of time.


Some fun mechanics that could be added to this is having a Sea Monster attack the boat and all the players on the boat have to defend the boat from the monster. (This would have to scale based on how many players are onboard).

Also pirates could attack and if you are AFK on an empty boat (2-3 players on the boat) they could steal some of your loot.


I think to make those mechanics work though the boat would have to leave at a scheduled time. So like hourly or every 30 minutes. If you aren't on the boat in time you have to wait for the next one.




Alot of players have been disagreeing with fast travel opportunities without huge restrictions and the reasoning I have behind this is that the game is honestly just too large at this point. I feel that when this comes down to it the game will seperate players and guilds. To travel across the world to go get something is going to be very unlikely. Most players will stay in a fairly small area, they may move at some point but they will stick to a small area. Once established you are going to move out several zones but you will almost always come back to your set zone. This requires you to have gear sets in multiple locations and just travel naked. Or for you to just farm nearby. I think that these additions will add some fun mechanics to the game and make it more likely for players to travel across the world more frequently.


I really like the idea of the PvP portals and the Fast Travel in this "Portal" idea will take time, you have to clear a dungeon which could take 15-30 minutes that you could be using to run instead.

So if it takes you know an hour for you to run, it takes half the time using a portal which should be expensive.


Why would the game being more active and feeling more "alive" be a bad thing? Yes it would technically complicate things, but I dont see how it could be seen in a bad way. You're making the game more of a sandbox with more options for players to choose from. I mean just like any skill in the game you dont have to touch or learn about it if you dont want to. So it really doesnt complicate your gaming experience unless you choose to learn about it. Some people may enjoy that profession as a "Cab Driver" so to speak. Some people may enjoy being body guards.


And fast travel isnt really around now, you can travel without your gear on and nothing in your inventory. Which isnt exactly that helpful unless you have gear in every city or lots of cash.


the pirates only had to do with the boats. The carriages and the Portals both were talking about players. I literally compared the Portals to a hell-gate that partys on both ends could enter. And the carriages are player driven with body guards riding on them to protect from other players.


Except only a set amount of people can enter the portal... Just like a normal Hell Gate. I am sure you could have people guard the exit, but I mean wouldnt that add PvP as well? Get another group come by and slaughter your guarding group or the guarding group slaughter then other group. Also I dont think it should be ANY territory, it should put you outside of a city. So there would be 4 random zones it could spawn outside of the city.


I am just thinking about the future of the game. The gaming community that is HARDCORE MMORPG players is not that large. Its a fact, not an opinion. So if they cater to only Hardcore MMORPG players, the game will have a low player base. They have to find some happy medium between the two, which is what they have been doing for the entire development process. I dont see the portal system being considered a bad thing for even Hardcore MMORPG players. It allows casuals who needs to get from one side of the world to the other side of the world without having to spend several hours of gameplay just walking.


If you came home after work and had to spend 50% of your play time just walking. If you only had 2-3 hours of time to play and you spent 1-1.5 hours of that time walking. Thats not fun, sure there will be some people who stay. But I'd say that the vast majority of people who literally cant do anything cause they only have 2-3 hours to play because of sheer travel times will probably quit.


I understand where all you guys are coming from, why you think the way that you do. But I'd rather a game have a large player population than the game be catered for just me and the small group that we represent.

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