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AlbionMall thoughts on Albion Online

This is my first time playing albion online. I am stating this right now so people know I did not get to experience the last beta. With that said though I am a veteran in the mmo game genre.

AlbionMall thoughts on Albion Online

1. Ganking/small scale pvp

The number one thing this game lacks is small scale pvp. I am primarily a gatherer and have done easily 100 red zone runs. In those 100 runs I have been attacked by reds 3 times. All three attempts I got away (yes they had claymores)

The only real pvp I have had is zerg vs zerg with my guild which is just boring to me. As a player I enjoy having 2v2/3v3/5v5 fights (yes I know gvg is 5v5)

What I would suggest if possible is have a city you can teleport to from any city with gear. In this city there would be no auction house and trading would be disabled. From this city you can only travel back to the city you came from with gear. There are also no exits to this city. Now the reason for all this is so people cant bring gear to sell here. The purpose of this city would be ranked arena matches.


As stated in my first bit of this post small scale pvp is very hard to find so adding ranked arena would solve this for people who dont want to search for hours just to find one person. Gear could drop on death in the arena so it is in the spirit of the game. There can be a leader board too. Matchmaking is up for discussion but the basic idea seems amazing to me.

2. Reputation system

Moving on, the reputation system sucks. I am currently noble(5000 positive rep), I have not flagged even once since the beta started. If i were to flag even one time I instantly lose all of my rep and go to zero. This is honestly stupid. I can understand people with higher rep losing more rep faster then someone with less positive rep but this in its current form is stupid.

3. Dungeon Length

My god what is up with dungeons, just to get to a portal in equivalant gear takes an hour(ish) then to clear the dungeon in equivalent gear takes atleast 2 hours. When I have brought this up before people always say "you need to out gear it to clear it faster" and I agree that higher gear would clear it faster. But equivalant tier gear should be the average where we determine clear speeds and if they are okay. A dungeon should not take more then an hour to clear for same tier (blue portal). getting to the blue portal can be debated but Making a blue portal last as long as a raid is silly.

Upon completing a blue portal you should be teleported outside the dungeon itself not just to where the blue portal left you. Having to go another hour through mobs just to leave is silly and is why people use /stuck to get out. There should be an option where you cast for 1 minute and leave the dungeon no matter where you are. This way you cant use it to escape ganks inside a dungeon but if you want to leave you can use it (and it goes faster then respawns)

Anyway im sure there is more but this was the stuff that stuck out the most to me. Please let me know if you agree or disagree. (and why)

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