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albionmall:The Ancients from New World

albionmall:The Ancients from New World

I've not had MMOs on my radar for a long time, but this has me totally addicted. As long as it isn't too much of a grind and has great PvP I'm ready to be hooked. Actually, since the beta I haven't felt like any other games. I think the only other time I was looking forward to a game's release so much was when I was waiting for starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty to come out. I seriously don't think I've been so hyped for a game for an entire decade. I was hyped for darksouls 2, but not to this extent.

This makes me itch to play again so badly, few things as fun as smash ancients to dust with the War Hammer. Also, I really hope that some parts of this narration make it into the game eventually, they really set the mood.

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albionmall:The Ancients from New World


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