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AlbionMall opinion regarding the issues of Albion Online final beta by some players

1. reputation

I actually like the reputation system as a concept, but as I don't fully understand how this one works mechanically, I would suggest, if it's not already the case, that pvp in red and black areas not accrue reputation penalties. Your complaints could of course be solved by having a faction system (open-world faction based pvp is my personal preference.) 2 or more kingdoms at war so you don't have to flag to get pvp content but wouldn't prevent people from flagging either. 

2. fast travel

There actually is fast travel in the game, you just have to be naked. This seems like a good change to me. It forces people out into the world rather than teleporting between cities. and it also encourages the economy to grow in a dynamic way, rather than flattening the prices out everywhere. I understand this might take some getting use to when you're accustomed to the other way of doing things, but it's a good change imo. 


3. pvp dead

People are getting themselves situated right now and large guilds will be rushing to claim territory. Once things settle down you should see a lot more pvp in the game. just be patient.


4. why so many noobies running around in t3?

Takes time to get geared up after a server wipe. Takes even longer when you don't know the most efficient ways of going about that.


5. why make a.b.c.d. change?

This is what beta's do, make changes and see how they work before launch. 


I have a few little quality of life issues myself (such as the esc key not opening up a general menu while in game, a behavior most people have come to expect in almost all modern applications) but for the most part nothing is game breaking. I suppose there's a lot of lag, but that's to be expected as well. Hopefully the lag issue will to looked at over time (better servers / hardware as the game grows.)


All-in- all, my suggestion is give the developers constructive feedback. ("why you do this, I hate your game now!" isn't constructive.) If you dislike something, tell them why you dislike it, what problems it's causing for you, and how a different system would fix these issues. Your ideas, no matter what they are, are valid, however the developers might have good reasons for the things they're doing design wise.

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