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Albion Online Suggestions For A More Immense Experience

Hey guys, I have really enjoyed playing this game and I honestly think it has a lot of potential or else I wouldn't be so involved to type out some suggestions. I realize its only BETA but after almost 2 weeks I'm almost tired of how the game feels ( if i wasn't such a gamer I feel like at this point a normal player would quit). Now I have no idea what the Devs have planned but I do have a couple suggestions because, to me, the game lacks a bit of something that makes me feel hooked to it, and attached to my character. Now I know a lot of these ideas won't be priority at this stage or involve game mechanics/balancing but it is still something id like to see soon. BECAUSE i really believe if these "simple" ideas were added a lot of players would stick around and play more often/longer.

1. A More Personal Character Customization

- This is something that once again, to me, is really important in order to get that much more involved with your character. It's that instant connection from the beginning that is such a "necessary" aspect of any good game.

- Nothing crazy needed, But definitely more options, hairstyles, beards, colors, and a few different races/factions would be just enough to give your character that personal touch (factions being different types of looks if different races don't fit in with the lore which i know nothing about yet).

- The only thing the different races/factions would do was change your look and have you start in a different place.


2. A Group Finder:

- Maybe I'm spoiled now from other MMO's or the game is just dead pending the wipe.. But I can't tell you how many times since i have started playing these past two weeks to sign on super excited to play and grind out a dungeon, or get a PvP group going only to shortly become frustrated and give up because I cannot find a group through global chat or in a town or through my guild. I realize that's what guilds are for as well but even that is taxing for 15ish members to not only be on, but want to do the same tier dungeon, AND be able to do it at that moment.

- All "that's what guilds are for" comments aside I really think a group finder would make players want to play that much more and take a lot of stress off that aspect of the game. I mean come on who signs on and wants to spend an hour or so just trying to get a party together.

- This feature could have several options.. A dungeon tab where you select what tier you want to do. A PvP tab where you select what zone you want to do. And maybe a resource gathering tab (havent dived into that part of the game too much yet)?

- Also show characters role (dps, tank, healer) and what roles the group already has


3. A Targeting System for PvE (or dungeons at the very least):

- This one isn't about skill to me as im sure some are going to argue but for the sake of fighting just for PvE. It's honestly difficult and takes a couple seconds to click on a monster when there are 10 people right around it and you keep clicking on them, its not skill its just facts. I think it would help to have a targeting button option for PvE.


4. "Randomzied" events:

- This goes for PvE and PvP (although it may interfere with certain PvP a bit? I don't know I havent dabbled in too much PvP besides dueling and a little yellow zone). The overwhelming monotony during grinding is one other thing that makes you not want to play this game for hours on end.

Random events that happen in maps would be something to not only prevent basic bots but keep the grind that much more interesting! I'm going into detail on anything but an example would be: Your grinding mobs/collecting resources and some semi boss spawns or a group of orcs come.. idk anything! there would be a little extra loot, nothing crazy, just something to spice things up.




With more biomes coming and all the changes in the next patch, its a good start to ending the monotony that seems to run rampant right now. But I can't stress enough how important I think these few little changes to the game would help with keeping people active, and playing more each day. The character customization adds that instant bond with your character and makes you feel a little different from others. That's something that makes you want to play even more right off the bat, and being that this game is all about what you wear would have no effect on the game itself.

The group finder takes out your frustration of when you WANT to play but just can't manage to waste an hour or so just so you can ACTUALLY do what you want. This will keep people coming back and give a sense of being able to do what you want when you want to without having all the connections of a top guild. More casual players and new players would become hard core players.


Once you find a nice big group with the group finder you can target that boss you guys are working so hard to kill with ease using the targeting system, no longer wasting seconds and missing that heal or interrupt that wipes your party just because you cant click the mob when everyone is blocking it. This allows you to get that hardcore raid vibe.


Then to top it all off because of these changes, your a hardcore everyday player. Not only do you want to grind and grind and grind! to to level up your mining, wood cutting, or just a new weopon, you kind of enjoy it! because you never know what instance is going to happen to you within the next 30 minutes to hour.. maybe a dragon will come or a wizard with a quick side quest or a group of orcs who just killed and stole someones gear, the possibilities are endless and you are so immersed in this new world people call Albion Online!

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