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Albion Online Suggestion - Love to see more ways to customize characters

I'd love to see more ways to customize characters so I'll put down some ideas here.

The ideas here would be additions to the things you can buy with albion gold in-game.


Skin paint.

- Lets you change your skin to a certain colour.

- Choose out of 10 pre-selected colours.


Hair dye.

- Lets you change your skin to a certain colour.

- Choose out of 10 pre-selected colours.

Albion Online Suggestion - Love to see more ways to customize characters

Equipment dye

- Lets you select a colour to replace the guild logo's on your shield and cape.

- Choose out of 10 pre-selected colours.


Special capes

- Lets you transform any cape to look like a cooler version. (like the capes from the first closed beta)

- One time use per item.

- Could be themed like all artifact weapons and/or monsters.

- Dying with the cape will degrade it back into it's original form (Customized t4.3 cape would change back in a normal t4.3 cape).



- Animations you can use while idling.

- For example a sitting animation.



- A pet that follows you around but gives no advantages.

- Impossible to click on by anyone so it doesn't block anything from being clicked on.

- Extra button in the owners inventory screen to summon the pet.


Holiday Items

- Fun items that get released with every holiday (like the santa hat in the first closed beta).

- Most should be recolourable with the equipment dye.


Magical Dye

- Changes the glow colour of all your equipment.

- Choose colours for main and off-hand slot seperately.

- One time purchase, always able to change it.

- Choose out of 10 pre-selected colours.


Transformation Potion

- A potion that lets you switch between male/female by giving you the same options for customizing your character as when you first started.

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