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Albion Online Player questions and answered

If any of these have been answered I apologize in advance.


But i just have some questions because i paid the $50 to get into Alpha, but all the wipes have discouraged me to play as much. So I haven't keep up with the game.

-What should one consider when deciding which town to start in after the newbie zone? I went to Brinkwold (think thats the spelling.) But hear a lot of people talking about Queensmart and such. But with my island in Brink, i feel pretty stuck.

When deciding what city you want to buy your island in, I think it's best to wait until you find a guild - and then settle in the same city where the guild island is located.


-Any talks or is there anything in the game that will port you anywhere? For example Diablo has teleport / League of Legends a back button / World of Warcraft a Hearthstone, etc. I hate venturing out too far, because i know the farther i go is that much more time i have to spend to get back to town. And if i go into a dungeon, by the time i go back through it the minions have respawned and the albion online gold they drop now is not as good as it was the first time. So makes me just want to run past them. I think it would be nice to have a spell, potion, scroll or something that will teleport us back to our island. Or even one that will port us to certain locations around the map....I honestly have not seen more than probably 10 zones in the game, and i'm T4.


Some minor changes regarding fast travel have been announced. Right now, you're able to fast travel from any city/town to any other city/town. You can fast travel with as many items in your inventory as you want, but the traveling cost will therefore increase. In the final beta, you will still be able to fast travel with items in your inventory from a city in a safe zone to another safe zone city. In lethal zones, however, you'll only be able to fast travel naked. There are no other forms of fast travel planned (though you can always get yourself killed and respawn back in the city).


-I know the game is Sandbox, but any plans on helping with the learning curve of the game? There is a lot to this game, & think the learning curve for newbies might be a bit much. I'm still completely lost, so don't ever venture far. Like the other day i seen a red portal thing on the map, so i go to it. Killed a bat monster, & a red portal appeared...said Hellgate or Hellportal 1/5 (assume because i was the only one clicking on it to go in?) but i quickly backed away because I didn't know what the hell was going to happen, but didn't assume my solo T4 guy would do well with whatever was in there or wherever it was going to take me.


-On the maps, what do the large icons mean? I sometimes see wood highlighted, or skins, etc....does that mean that resource is abundant on that area?


Large icons on the map indeed indicate an abundance of that resource


-Any plans on invisibility, hate just trying to go chop some trees down but having to kite 5 wolves every 5 feet. I don't want leather, just want trees....Ore doesn't attack me when i walk by it...why should skins? I know the skins are on Wolves, you you know what i mean. The monsters are in certain areas of the map, not every 5 feet like wolves. So why not keep wolves in small DENS! Lol. If i want wood, i can run to a tree. If i want ore i can run to an ore mod. If i want skins, i can run to the area that has animals for me to skin.


There are invisibility/run spells that should help you avoid enemy encounters when gathering. Animals won't be limited to dens - they are a part of the world and gathering leather should feel different from farming other static resources.


-Will we ever be able to move islands?


-Is every weapon/armor just a preference? Obviously some are better for tanks, & healers. But i mainly solo, what is the best for solo PvE?


For solo PVE I believe you should have some mobility spells in order to avoid other hostile players. Other than that, your build should be focused on high single-target DPS output.


-Whats the difference in higher Teir mounts? Do higher teir horses run faster/carry more weight? Or do they just have more armor?


There are 3 main types of mounts. Transport mounts (ox) will have a higher carrying capacity on higher tiers. Riding mounts will be faster and have more health, the armored mounts will be faster and have more health as well on higher tiers. (riding mounts are faster than armored mounts, but they have less health and armor).


-The game going to stay on one server?


Everyone will always play in the same world - there are no plans to change that


-How popular do you all think this game will be? I'm hoping for a huge success! I've been craving a MMO that i can start playing from day 1, & then blows up. But i don't read around to know expectations of this game. I know it's getting close to wipe time, but i rarely run into anyone on the game.


-Is there ever a reason to make more than one character on Albion? With as grind focused as this game is, I can't seem to think of any reason to ever make another character.


Learning Points are the main reason why you may want to create alt characters. You earn 20 Learning Points per day for as long as your character has premium status. LPs help to progress your character, so the more (premium) characters you have, the more of the Destiny Board you'll be able to unlock. Though, to sustain premium status on many characters would cost a lot of albion silver/albion gold.


-Whats some other good information or tips you would like to pass on?

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