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Albion Online Guide on how to survive solo fame farming (T5+) PART 1

Now I'd like to write a guide on how to survive solo fame farming mobs because It's something I've had very little problem with. Some of you who have read my guides may notice similar tips from the Guides to surviving solo gathering because they also apply here.


You can find part 2 right HERE


Here we go!


#1: Don't be Solo:

I can hear you now typing "But SpooN you sexy man, this is a guide on how to survive SOLO fame farming!"

Yup, you can head out to the red zones alone if you have nobody to fame farm with but it doesn't mean you have to stay alone. There's a very good chance you will run into other players fame farming. If they are alone or in a very small group throw them a "Hello" "want to party?"

Speaking with other players does 3 things.

1. It humanizes you. You're no longer just some other player like the ones we pass by and ignore (or kill) all the time. You've become a person who talks and have created a connection with someone else.

2. It might get you a party which offers you protection from gankers while helping you clear the area more efficiently. If the group is too big then the fame might be too small to be worth it but it's still better than losing all the mobs to them.

3. Maybe make new lifelong friends!

So be a human.


#2: Use your chat as a radar:

Make sure your chat has Player Kill & Loot turned on:

When a chat notification pops up telling you that another player has died it is usually much easier to notice than the bouncing skull of death on the map. Especially if your chat has been inactive (goes invisible) and pops up when someone dies. It will also let you know how that player died which is useful information. If a player was killed by a hellgate demon then it's probably nothing to worry about but if you see "Player X was killed by Player Y" it might be time to start planning your exit.

Loot is especially useful when fame farming as it will notify you when someone collects loot (and what they looted). So if another player/group is in a reasonable proximity of you and collect silver off a mob they killed you will be notified and instantly be aware that other player are nearby. If it reads something that isn't the standard loot drops (silver/gems) then it's probably someones corpse being looted. This is a big red flag.

Note: I THINK it tells you that they are looting off player X's body but I've never payed attention to that part. "player X has collected a T5 Mount" is usually enough for me to know whats up lol.


#3: Save your sprints:

Try not to use your sprint (or any unnecessary ability) in areas you don't have intel on. Sprinting makes noise and most players (especially hostile ones) know this sound and it is another tell that someone is in the area.

Also sprint will be your most useful ability to escape if you do run into hostiles and you REALLY don't want that to be on cooldown while a tackler with a quarterstaff is trying to sprint infront of you to knock you back into his squad so they can have their way with your body... your sexy, sexy body.


#4: Bring a good horse:

This is actually the opposite advice as I gave in the Guide to solo gathering where I recommended bringing inexpensive, low tier gear incase you do end up getting killed.

A good horse will often be the difference between getting away and nearly getting away. I would say T4 horse at the least. I personally bring my T5 horse (His name is Pablo) everywhere I go. He has gotten me out of more bad situations than I can count.

Once you create some distance between yourself and your pursuers, preferably a screens distance away, mount up and GTFO! GO PABLO GO!


#5: Use your map:

Any RTS or MOBA player will tell you that using your map is not just helpful. It is VITAL to your success. In Albion Online it is no different, your map will often provide valuable info that can save your life (and gear). Not just the death notifier or a red blob of hostiles headed your way but to escape. One of the most common ways I would die while fame farming was that after I had gotten away (created distance, mounted and began my escape) I would run into 1 deadend after another until the hostile players caught up to me and cornered me like a ... um... thing that gets cornered.

It's easier than you might think to panic and just run "that way" because it looks open and is generally in the direction you want to be headed. Take a moment while moving to look at the map and decide on a route you want to take to best escape.


#6: Stop going to dungeons!!!

This has got to be the best advice I can give on the matter and the single biggest reason I want to slap everyone posting threads complaining about "the wall" and not being able to fame farm in red zones.

There's this crazy thing about zones with dungeons in them. You ready? This is going to be mind blowing.... THEY ALSO HAVE OTHER AREAS! Most zones have that have a dungeon area also have some other corner with the same tier mobs. Maybe they don't have bosses or as many mobs in the area but they are less known so much easier to farm consistently AND SAFELY.

Yes other players know about these areas. Yes a group of reds will ride through sometimes trying to find a fight but it is way less likely than going to the spot on the map that everyone can instantly see and recognize as a farming spot. I often spend HOURS in those spots and see a maximum of 4 other solo players passing through. Leaving me an entire farming area all to myself.

Please reader, anytime you see someone post a thread about "the T5 wall" link them this guide and just comment "#6". That's what I'm going to start doing.


Notice how I'm getting 400 fame + premium off these mobs meaning nobody (red or blue) have even been here in awhile, and this is middle of the day.


See the conclusion of guide in PART 2

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Albion Online Guide on how to survive solo fame farming (T5+) PART 2

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