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Albion Online Balancing issue

Great Hammer 6.3 brand new tackle skill

description: travels in straight line dealing 48 dmg and stunning for 5.7s energy cost 65 cooldown 15s

Polehammer 7.2 (same rough tier) Groundbreaker

description: travels in straight line dealing 297 dmg and stunning for 9.14s energy cost 67 cooldown 15s


even the 4.2 polehammer skill is better than the great hammer


I say this in the nicest possible way I can. Please stop wasting time on development of "new skills".


Please start posting full descriptions of potential new skills FAR prior to placing them in game. Something this obvious should have been common sense.


If you need help with balancing speak up because as far as balancing goes this is one of those times that makes us wonder if you deserve your job.


and to put it bluntly this isn't the first time

-movement ability on armor (why make it so medium is better than light and heavy when prior to this it was balanced passives are fine it is the active skills that unbalanced game)

-movement ability on weapons (they should all be roughly the same...if you need help calculating there are a number of us capable on forums ask...please)

-aoe dmg on bow (like really you nerf the 1 skill that was sort of "ok" and totally ignore the 3 second spammable that can hit everyone in a cone?)

-Meteor being useless (i.e. remove the knockback no other aoe makes it so that it ruins everyone else's aoe in game)


If your skill is delayed it should do massive dmg i.e. meteor, slow moving blizzard, rain of arrows etc... it seems to me you are moving away from what you should be.


1) as far as skill being useless and it "not being op" it wasn't in regards to it being op the point that was being made was a few:

-Weapons have to be balanced both up and down since .1-.3 are no longer a thing soon so the extra item power the .3 gets will be dropped

-they effectively wasted man hours making the exact skill that was already in game but worse.


2) the issue isn't that medium armor is mobile it rests with the fact that they unbalanced the game making it so that 1 armor class is better than the other 2 for this. not something you should ever do when trying to "balance".

The medium armor has passive mobility which if you haven't played it is already a benefit unto itself, but should not be the only armor class with a mobility active.


3)Not all weapons should have the same mobility but they should be somewhat in line with eachother. i.e. currently they downscaled bow to be similar to dagger pair or claw (good change). What they have yet to do is fix the unbalanced other classes. i.e. halberd (axe now). If you want them to be different that is fine but the mobility weapon classes should be able to do battle with eachother. Halberd as it stands has no counter. It can do massive dmg upfront demounting people, Some of the highest dmg in game, the highest mobility in game, and it can root plus it pairs super well with medium (broken unbalanced) mobility armor making it so that it can engage and disengage any other item in game with 0 threat.


4) considering aoe in this game is something needed to counter the zerg crap player it has its place. My issue sits with the changes because I for one considered many of the unnerfed skills balanced.

- Blizzard (slow moving skill that is easily seen) Prior to nerf it could kill any light armor wearing player just by stepping in it.

---this skill moved so slowly that if you stood in it it was your own fault for being so terrible at this game you should find another---

--the invisible issue did need fixing though--


- Meteor super slow cast that you had to ignore the giant circle on the screen or be setup to get hit by it. It had its dmg nerfed which yes I did consider it to be ok to be in game back then considering the people casting this are

A) in light armor

B) some of the most unmobile in game

C) magic classes should do more dmg than the rest because they die when you get in and start hitting them


Bow rain of arrows was repeatable and did descent dmg, but wasn't the best in game. The issue that has been fixed and toned down was the bows mobility. It could jump across the screen relanding the skill again and again until you died. This being said the bigger issue persists:



Test dmg# with 7.3 longbow hit for 291

291 1player




1455 5player





2910 10player





4365 15player





5820 20player


these are numbers I just generated after the (8% dmg nerf)

In general the dmg it deals is roughly even with the dmg it deals single target and on groups under the size of 5-6 the dmg output while high is not something that is impossible to deal with.


There are multiple videos out there where we see multishot being used to fight larger numbers and they are hitting 10-15 players each shot. So that means every 3 seconds per bow you have on field they are dealing between 2910-4365 dmg a hit. This is not some easily dodged slow moving skill or even one with a pre warning. You pair this up with current game mechanics where you have polehammer that stuns, great hammer that slows, etc... we are looking at something similar to fish in a barrel. The bow line needs to be mobile we know this, but currently it is the highest dmg dealing class in the game when you look at these numbers and how easily they can be achieved.


To compare this vs healing


Divine staff tier 7.3

Salvation 475 + 58% = 750.5 every 30 seconds /10 = 75.05 every 3 seconds (to give reference to vs bow q) -----stationary skill based on healers slow mobility-----

Flash heal 183 + 58% = 289.14 every 1.5 seconds x 2 = 578.28 every 3 seconds (to give reference to vs bow q) ----single target----


added together you are looking at 653.33 healing done per 3 seconds


Now take into account for the most optimum healing to be put out being with them grouping in the healing also giving the more optimum ability for bow dmg to be done. And the common makeup being 1 healer per 9 dmg or 2 healers per 8 dmg.


This is not balanced.

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