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Albion Gazette Issue

Our newest issue of the Gazette reports on the collision of the “Big 3” in the West as well as Aegis’ new alliance.


The ‘Big 3’ collide; The Inevitable War of the West.

The contention of control over the black zones in the West Continent has been an ongoing battle for numerous guilds throughout Closed Beta. Rivalries have been born across the western continent of Albion, and in turn, alliances have developed in the process to counteract one another. The Big Three alliances of the west have risen and are gradually approaching the cusp of war. The birth of these alliances tell an interesting story of well-timed diplomacy, friendships developed and broken, as well as hard decisions to be made for each alliance in the upcoming weeks of Closed Beta.


The first of the Big Three that came into play is the Wardetta (VVar) alliance. The group originally consisted of three guilds including: WarLegend, Vendetta and Les Clodos. Today, VVar now includes additional support including the likes of Chicken Kiss, Lords of Death, Articulo Mortis and Rise of Mayhem. The goals are big for the alliance: to increase open world presence and secure a better foothold on the map.


Wardetta’s focal objective was to halt and ultimately counteract Nilfgaard’s aggressive push against WarLegend’s main base in Carrion Copse. Through structured blockades and open world defense, the alliance was initially able to achieve their goal. VVar blockaded Nilfgaard from several important GvG battles which ultimately locked Nilfgaard out of Carrion Copse, and secured the Filthwell farm as well. WarLegend was safe for the time being. However, Nilfgaard had their own plans in the making, and the second of the Big Three was born: Echo of Nilfgaard.


Echo of Nilfgaard (EoN) consists of two of the most successful guilds during Closed Beta, including none other than Nilfgaard and Echo of Silence. Although not as large as the Wardetta alliance, EoN boats numbers exceeding 500 alliance members. Their open world presence has been a force to be reckoned with, undoubtedly. The development of EoN has allowed both Nilfgaard and Echo of Silence to not only further their pursuit of territorial conquest throughout the west, but also uphold the ability to strategically defend their home plots as well. Most notably, the formation of EoN has led to the largest open world clash that Albion may have ever witnessed in the black zones; EoN vs VVar.

In a second attempt to blockade Nilfgaard’s pursuit of Carrion Copse, the VVar alliance showed up and were prepared for battle with more than 100 of their finest soldiers. Nilfgaard initially hadn’t expected a second blockade to be prepared against them, and it had been clear that they would have to battle through the massive army in order to make it into Carrion in time for their GvG’s. Although they were aware that VVar had shown up to fight with immense numbers, Nilfgaard appeared to be unmoved by the army and were well-prepared to take VVar down. In the words of Nilfgaard’s guild leader, Stormshooter, he had this to say to the VVar alliance: “Don’t worry, I’m coming back to **** **** you guys.”


Calling upon the troops of EoN in the city of Heathenburg, EoN was more than confident that they would push directly through VVar’s forces and ensure victory in Carrion Copse. Hundreds fought, and dozens were killed, but in the end both alliances had succeeded that day in their own respect. Of the four territories that VVar were blockading from Nilfgaard to reclaim, they were able to reacquire three, while Nilfgaard was able to strategically sneak their A team into Carrion Copse to defend their last standing plot. This ensured that the war would continue, albeit, delayed.


Around the same time that this grand-scale war was underway, the final of the Big Three of the West was formed in the Envy alliance. Initially, the alliance consisted of Retribution, Glaficom and Valhalla. They maintained a rather unanimous control over the eastern section of the Western Continent, however the alliance ran into diplomatic issues with Valhalla and decided to remove them from the alliance and reform under the Envy alliance. The Envy Alliance now consists of Retribution, Glaficom, Money Guild, Finstack and aNc.


Already claiming a strong hold over key black zones, Envy is prepared to further pursue their conquest over the black zones which ultimately means clashing with their rival super-alliances. Their pursuit against Echo of Nilfgaard has already been set-forth and it seems they are headed directly towards their main bases in Crowswold. The next few weeks of Closed Beta are sure to envelope an array of tales across the land, discussing which Alliance will succeed in their pursuit and which will fall. Moving forward from today, history will be solidified in the West.  


Aegis Allies for Control on the East.

Aegis is an organization that encompasses quite a dense history in the world of Albion. The core leadership of Aegis, in fact, all played together in the guild ‘Vikings’ of the first alpha. Naturally, they have been able to garner a strong understanding of how to approach Albion in terms of both warfare and diplomacy. During Closed Beta, Aegis have proven to be a dominant stakeholder on Albion’s Eastern Continent battling entire alliances single-handedly. Although they have achieved many of their goals set-forth during Closed Beta, Aegis has broadened their endeavors and are currently in contest with all of the major alliances throughout the Eastern Continent for control over the Black Zones. According to Hannibal, an officer of Aegis, they have “been fighting the Root and Loot Alliance at the Cedarfort siege camp everyday while at the same time fighting Hammer and Sickle, Titans, and Deimos for control of the black zones on the Eastern Continent.”


In order to strengthen their forces, Aegis established their own alliance which has allowed them to upsurge their conquest endeavors. “After over a month of no alliances, Aegis joined forces with KDS to form a new powerhouse alliance called DEYS. DEYS is committed to being the dominant force in between Seven Spires and Boneharbour while also competing for the black zones next to Boneharbour. At the same time DEYS has been coordinating attacks against Eight Team to secure our alliance dominance in our sphere of influence in Albion,” said Hannibal. Merging with the KDS alliance has established Aegis and Co. as one of the major collaborations of the East. They are more than prepared to clash with their rivals.


All in all, even with their success on the Eastern Continent, Aegis maintains a level of integrity and humbleness that would be deemed admirable by most standards. “Aegis is committed to making the game fun and entertaining for its members and tries to get every single member involved with GvGs on a weekly basis. We pride ourselves in being a family both in the game and in real life,” said Hannibal.

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