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Abion Online is a sandbox open world pvp

Thank god games that are f2p from launch are always subpar or garbage. In fact, all the best MMOs started with a sub only model or b2p model period, and only went F2P after they failed to reach the kind of numbers. They wanted or made the most money money possible with that business model, so they decide to change to f2p. Because while it's risky, it still has potential for more profits, then other business models due to cash shops, so they do, so only to make more money. Because the fact is people who commit to that MMO will have to spend more money, with a f2p model period, then they would with any other model period and they know this in fact. They expect people who do spend money to have to spend enough to make up for those who play, and try not to spend a dime, meaning it's not free your just playing at the expense of others who do spend money on it. Because without those people the MMO would shut down. In my opinion B2P is best business model. ATM period no matter for an MMO or any video game.

Abion Online is a sandbox open world pvp

Pay-to-play games that go free-to-play are 99% pay-to-win games, only going free-to-play to sell outrageous items so that people who can't play a game can shit on others that know that it's a waste of money to buy cash shop items, even if they have more skill, knowledge or even stronger than that person in equal equipment. And, buy-to-play is the lowest profit possible. Buying a game once is not enough to support the expenses of running servers for a decent player base over the long haul. But, the worst of all are the buy-to-play that are pay-to-play monthly AND STILL have a cash-shop. Not a decent one of the bunch.


I wanted to point a few things in regard of the cons and perhaps future reviews of sandbox games. You could have stated this is a sandbox open world pvp, crafting game. Players gather resources to craft gear, trade, kill others to get their gear and belongings. You gain gear to lose it. Eve online's rule apply here, DO NOT fly anything you can't afford to lose, hence gear/weapons in this game. Again its a sandbox game, players control and shape the game and economy. Finally yes, you can buy albion online gold, but still you need to play the game in order to use that gear, you can not simply buy T5 or T6 gear and use it, you need to achieve that trough playing.

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Albion Mobile Version release may also bring a p2w aspect

any new players Albion is not pay to win you can pay to become rich and make your life allot easier or boost your crafting but without grinding for allot of time you will never be able to wear the high tier weapons and armour.


To my understanding albion online pay to win(P2W) works like this

The rest of the market will be completely unaffected. Because the albion gold in itself has absolutely no value ingame.


I would suggest modifying the current Albion Gold exchange system

Now, the reworked yellow and red zones would not interact well with territory ownership due to the crime and reputation system.


Albion Online will go into cruise control and suck as much money out of the cash shop before it dies

Albion Online Gold sellers will spam all over the chat advertising their websites to buy Albion Online gold, Albion Online silver, items, and accounts

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